What are my options to get Amarra 2.3.3, version 4319 activated.?

Hi you all,

I know this is not valid topic for many of audiophiles anymore, but in my audio  setup I've the following scenario that includes dedicated streamer for music streaming only and I wanted to keep my highly modified mac mini (with paul hynes ps) and OR 5 for dedicated music playback as it still just sounds fantastic, IMHO.

Currently I've licenses for following releases 2.6 and 3.0.

A month ago I decided to try an older version 2.3.3 (4319) as the many of you have stated it's still a best sounding version. So, I entered a huge problem after I compared thse two Amarra releases, 2.6 and 2.3.3 (4319), and I ended preferring 2.3.3 version.

After trial period of 2.3.3 (4319) was ending I tried to activate it with my activation codes for 2.6 and 3.0, but unfortunately both of them did not work with 2.3.3.

So, I decided to contact to Sonic Studio (Amarra) what can be done, and to get activation code for release 2.3.3 (4319) and they told me it's the older license model that they don't support anymore and it cannot be done.

I've worked so many years in high-tech industry environment, and software projects that it makes me wonder, if company does not have any backwards compatibility in their software development. As I loved release 2.3.3 so much I'm willing to anything to get it activated, so I really hope you guys are able to provide any advice, guidance, you opinions are highly appreciated.

So, what are my options to get activation code for this release 2.3.3 (version 4319) and get it activated?. Sonic Studio were not willing to provide any clear answer, advice or support on this matter.

Would it be a feasible option, if I buy license, activation code from the other audiophile who isn't using it anymore?. Any thoughts on this?.Would it work.?

In case of this could be considered as a feasible route to move forward then I would a highly appreciate, if you might know audiophile who have a license, activation code for 2.3.3 (4319), but no more areal need and use for it.

Or is there any other possible options to solve my problem and get version of 4319 activated?

As said your opinions are highly appreciated. And I want to thank you all in advance for any advice, guidance given, to solve my problem.

Regards, Ilkka


I forgot to mention that I'm willing to $100 to audiophile who wants to sell his 2.3.3 license, activation code to me, in case of it's an feasible option to move forward

I would call them and ask to speak to a supervisor about your request.  If no luck, dump it for something else that doesn't have product activation and has more understanding customer service.

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