western north carolina-still looking

for enthusiasts (analog especially) who might like to correspond or get together to hear good music irrespective of the sophisitication of one's system. -john
I'm right across the mountain from you in Kingsport, TN Yeah, I'm 5 yrs late now and you have probably moved by now. I am an analog junkie who enjoys music, meeting others and learning
I am still here. There are a few of us that get together every few months with some nice rigs. I will let you know of future meetings
Philefreak, I'm just across the mountain from you also. It's just a different mountain (I believe), Anyway, i look forward to getting together with a group of like minded people.
I'm just over the mountains in Greeneville, TN. Any activity in the greater Asheville area?
There is an informal changing membership group that gets together quite randomly but at least a few times a year in the AVL - Hendersonville area

Hello Tonywinsc,
Yes, we have a few folks in this area that get together from time to time. I am in Clyde, NC, not far from the TN line, and there are a couple of guys in Asheville and another in Hendersonville. Over the past two or three years, we've gotten together a few times and always had a blast. If you're interested in joining us sometime, drop me a line. We'd love to have you.

By the way, your system looks terrific. Nice room, too!