Wadia owners, what PLC are you you using?

I'm thinking of trying a new power line conditioner for my Wadia front end. Possible candidates are the Powerwing, Running Springs and Torus (so far). Don't need anything huge as PLC will only be used for transport and DAC. Interested in hearing from other Wadia owners with suggestions for audition as well as units to avoid. Thanks!
I use the PS 300 (with the latest upgrades) for 270/27ix. The different waveforms of "MultiWave" do really benefit different musical material. But PS 300 isn't the latest in PLC, I'm afraid. Works great for me, though.
Good luck!
am using the Mk1 version of the RGPC 400S. No complaints so far.
My friend has a PS 300 that I used to feed my Wadia when I took it over & we fiddled w/ the waveform type & freq. Both of us could hear the sonic merits & demerits of the output frequency more than the waveform type. So, I can see how the PS 300 can be used to influence the Wadia sound.
I am getting great results with my 302 plugged into a Walker Audio Velocitor. Is it overkill? Maybe, but I can't argue with the results.
I am using Wadia 861 ( since 2004 ).
fisrt, I used a Sine-Wave reformer (regenerator/regulator) of small power handling (only 1000
watt) solely porviding power to the Wadia, it has been
very good. Then I have purchased 1 x RGPC 600s
and found slightly different result if the Wave_reformer
is plugged onto the RGPC than using the RGPC plugged onto
the sine-Wave reformer, the latter is a little better
may be becuase the source power from wall socket is already
from dedicated line, not too bad a power source,
the merit of the RGPC is more when it is just before the CD, but in this way, no other gear can use the RGPC.

If it was just for your question, my suggestion is that
( if no other "enhancement" considered together, or only deciding the first addition to the system, the wave-reformer imporving the source CD./DAC is a good choice & important,
"always work from the source first "
then the next stage later is to upgrade the power for
the pre-amp........

If you wish to improve simultaneously pre-amps & CD
try Synergistic Research Power Cell, I had one from a
dealer/friend just last month, it is 3 x RGPC's cost
I cannot tell if any combination ( making up same money
value ) to out-perform or not, as cannot have them
all together at home. But stand alone , it beats
1 x RGPC .