Wadax Reference Dac and Reference Server--arrived in my room.

i debated with myself whether Audiogon was an appropriate forum to talk about these products. a certain number of Audiogon members might like to hear about them, some others might like to take some target practice that such products exist. others just like to make jokes or spout nonsense. such is the way of the ’Gon. to each their own.


both the Wadax Reference Dac and Wadax Reference server arrived last week, and over the weekend i had 8 visitors through my room hearing these new products compared directly with my outgoing MSB Select 2 dac, and my resident server, the Taiko Extreme.

here is a thread with pictures of the Wadax Ref dac and Ref server in my room. scroll down for more pictures.


as a result of my listening this weekend, i have purchased the Wadax Reference dac, and am in the process of comparing the Wadax Reference server to my Taiko Extreme server to determine which one will remain. the MSB Select 2 is outbound on it’s way to a new owner.

the Wadax combo is the best sounding digital music reproduction i have heard, and not by a little bit. they cross thresholds of sounding analog and like good vinyl in ways i’ve never heard before. i am stunned at how digital in my room sounds, how great redbook files i’ve heard for 30 years have now come alive.

happy to answer any questions, or maybe observe a little chaos. let the fun begin.





G R E A T. 

Good on you. 

I wished you lived down the road so I could my wife over (checky to ask) and show her what I’d like to do with a built audio building. 

thank you for the kind words.

you would be very welcome to visit if you are ever in my neighborhood. i love to have like minded visitors. i live a few miles east of Seattle.


Thank you for taking the time to post your recommendations. Those are all good options and I will try to explore them in my upcoming vinyl project later this year. For now, I am really enjoying my modest streaming setup recommended by you last year :-) 

Like a lot of other Audiogon members, I appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to post here.  It's quite useful to be privy to the perspectives and impressions of a consumer who has extensive direct experience with ultra high end audio products.  In terms of prices, all of the audiophile prices will seem insanely high to almost anyone not involved in our hobby.  So in my opinion it's just a matter of degree from there on. 

Sometimes I think people forget that these are optional purchases and luxury ones at that; whether any given high price is justified is a matter of conjecture, but it makes little sense (in my opinion) for audiophiles to complain about them.  It makes even less sense (in my opinion) to lash out at someone who's been kind enough to post his experiences therewith on a website designed to do just that.