vinyl on the move
I bought my first TT in over 20 years this year and am happy to be one causing this resurgence!
Kennyt, you're right, you are the one, and only one, causing the entire resurgence.

But the entire resurgence can only continue if you, and only you, continue to upgrade your analog system. We expect you to do the following:

One, upgrade your TT every third year.

Two, upgrade your phono preamp on one of those years
you're no upgrading your TT.

Three, upgrade your cartridge on the one year you're not upgrading either your TT or your phono preamp.

Four, when you upgrade, you can't resell your equipment, you have to give it to somebody to get them into the resurgence as well.

That was the easy part.
Now, to really keep this resurgence going ....

You have to start buying every new LP issued.
Give them to friends, neighbors and loved ones as gifts.
(Feel free to email me and I'll forward you my address so you can send me an LP as a Christmas present.)

Remember, the entire analog community is counting on you!

Kind of obnoxious eh??

What I said was I was happy to be ONE causing this resurgence!

I did not say I was THE one!!!

Now as far as upgrading the TT and phono preamp, I am sure I will do it several times in three years, and am already shopping for a much better table for my reference rig, and after that retort of yours, the only thing your getting from me are sticks and coal!
Hey Kennyt,

I was just yanking your chain! ;-)

So, what turntable, tonearm, cartridge and phono preamp did you pick up, btw?

And thanks for the sticks and coal for Christmas. Given the energy prices, I can burn them to keep warm! That is a very thoughtful gift. Thank you! :-)
No problem!

I started out with a Marantz TT15 which is basically a modified Clearaudio Emotion with Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony wood cart and a Dynavector P75 Mk II phono pre. It's great for the bedroom, now I am trying to decide on something for the main rig, looking at the Avid line as they look and sound really good, but still a ways away from committing to a high end analog rig, also due to the economy.
So how good is the Dynavector P75 phono preamp?

(Do you have any other phono preamps to reference it against?)

I ask, because I am always being asked for recommendations for preamps that are above the standard entry level models.

(I pretty much went straight up, first from an ARC PH-3 then to the Ayre K-1xe's phono boards. And most of my friends have had really expensive phono preamps too, such as the Aesthetix Rhea, the ASR Basis Exclusive, the Lamm LP2, the Manley Steelhead, etc. So I really don't have much of a frame of reference between the entry level phono preamps, like the Belari and the Parasound, and those types.)

Thanks for the info.
Sorry Kurt, I can't be of much help comparing it to others as I am really early on in this and it is my only point of reference. I bought the Dynavector as I got a pretty good deal on it and it is very flexible allowing me to change cartridges without replacing the phono preamp.

I also looked at the Sim Audio LP5.3 but didn't need the balanced outs for the bedroom.... I might try that in the main rig when I get to it.
wow marantz tt15 w/virtuoso cartridge as your seond rig? where is it lacking that it isn't quite up to snuff to be #uno? actually i was considering geeting same setup or emotion cmb w/maestro. of course, the cmb/maestro costs a little more. thoughts, advice,or is it just preference for moving coil cartridges? if so why? ty, trying to learn w/o hearing i know is not the best way to get advice but does inform me as to characteristics i must tune in to.