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I recently rediscovered a pair of Allison CD6 loudspeakers that belonged to my parents. I had them refoamed and paired them with a small Sansui 350A amp (circa 1970) for a very modest office system that has turned out to be unexpectedly really special.. I would like to add a modest vintage turntable ($500 or less without cartridge) that would complement this system. Since it is for an office, I am leaning toward a semi-automatic as I often get carried away with my work and could see myself easily forgetting that the end of a side of play was approaching. I also think that I would prefer a tonearm where the headshell is detachable for easy cartridge swaps/ experimentation.. Right now, I have a NOS Accutex M420STR that I would like to use in this system. I am leaning toward a Technics SL 1700, but would really appreciate any other suggestions. Thanks..

PS..  my one slight reservation about a table like the Technics is that I don't really like the look of their tables..  The Allison speakers and the Sansui amp have these really nice walnut cabinets/case and the Technics just looks a little plasticky to me..  but if it is the right fit, I have no problems going with it,,,


Slightly over budget would be a Thorens TD145/TD145 MKII in good condition.

The MKII has a different arm with a removable wand and both have auto lift @ end of play.

A cheaper oddball would be a Philips GA312 (auto lift and a removable cartridge sled).

These are difficult to find in good refurbished condition, but they do come up on occasion (they sound good if set up properly and have an interesting look, but are not good with footfalls).

This said, the SL1700 was a popular deck when I moved to the West Coast in the late 70's and I recall them sounding quite good (the draw was that stoners liked the auto lift).




 Those are some very nice suggestions. This website should give you some inspiration of what can be done artfully.
Turntable restorations
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