Verve Master Editions

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Just received a couple of Verve Master Edition jazz reissues for Xmas and I just wanted to share with everyone how excellent they are. The two I got were Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson and Louis Armstrong-I've Got The World On A String. The sound is phenomenal, great clarity and transparency, with wonderful richness of tone. I highly recommend these excellent reissues and unlike many audiophile recordings they're reasonably priced, the same as regular CD's. Happy listening and Happy New Year!
If you like Oscar Peterson you would do well to sample the West Side Story cd.It is also Verve,and sounds superb.Thanks for mentioning the Ben Webster cds.I am anxious to sample them.
Pretty amazing, I just did an Amazon search this afternoon for "20 Bit" to see the library of 20 bit master recordings... I chose two to put on my "Amazon Wish List", one of them was "Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson". I'm glad to hear you think so much of it, I'll have to move it to my "Buy List".

Just a question: Does anyone know if there is a way to tell if these recordings are stereo or mono? Amazon dosen't specify.
I have found to be a wealth of cds to buy and info on each.If you hav not checked it out yet,give it a look.I spent lots of time as a reviewer said in music stores looking but not finding the type of music I want.Since finding cduniverse,I have acquired about 25 or so cds I could not find anywhere without having a store order it.