Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation with Plinius Hautonga

Anybody heard this combination? Would also be interested in anyone just familiar with the performance of the amp too.


Great! Love to hear your thoughts on the McCormack. I’ve got the same amp but frustratingly haven’t been able to listen to it since the mods due to equipment/personal issues but hope to soon.  Absolutely love your speakers BTW and really sad Verity went under. 

Well I can't resist suggesting that you try my new ArgentPur GaN-FET Monoblocs debuting next month, as they've been developed in use with my ref system which has my beloved Parsifals! For decades I used Pass Labs monos, but have become smitten by the improved top octave clarity and air...with even better soundstage clarity and dimension...with the original Orchard Audio ULTRA amps. This past year has been spent tweaking them with complete solid Ag wiring and better caps. See for details and a preliminary pic.  Performance with the Parsifals is well with Harveths et al used in their evolution. If your budget is lower note that the Orchard ULTRA DOES perform better than the baby Starkrimsons with the Parsifal's 4 ohm Dynaudio woofer. Don't skimp there....

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I have found joy with the SMc modded DNA 0.5. Seems to really gel with these speakers. Iron fist/velvet glove sort of scenario.