Vandersteen 5a's

I finally moved up from my 3a Sigs to 5a's. Wow :-) I am using Alex Peychev's Denon 3910 redesign/reconstruct direct to Theta Citadels, top of the line AQ wires with KK Palladians, Alan Kafton's Power Wing, and an assortment of meaningful tweaks. Any Dick Hardesty influence is
I have yet to bring in an expert to dial them in, and am 200 hours into break-in. Question to 5a owners: How have y'all tackled the power cord situation in light of the IEC? How necessary is it to obtain a high end PC for 100hz. and down?
Thanks in advance :-)

Paul & Tree(Long Island and Las Vegas)
Richard Vandersteen told me the ones included are perfectly suitable.

I tried 3 types of PCs on my subs anyway, and found no difference.

My opinion is that the 5A power supply is very robust and very capable of handling heavy loads over sustained periods. Plus, there is less detail under 160 hz to detect subtle differences.

Check the vandersteen website. Richard has Q+A section of the site where you can submit questions and he posts an answer in a couple days. There's tons of great stuff there already. I tihnk this particular question was already addressed by Richard. He says he voiced the subwoofers with the PCs provided so he if you change them they may sound different but they won't be the way he intended them to sound. Hope this helps,

Thanks guys. I wondered why I never saw posts here on Audiogon about this subject. Vandersteen owners cover most everything with deep appreciation and understanding. Stock power cords have always been subpar, to say the least. I actually forgot the pair at the seller's house and have substituted one of my many stock cords laying idle. Perhaps this 5A cord is different. I'll go retrieve it soon. I am off to the Vandy site to read Q&A :-)