Vandersteen 1B versus 1C?

Is there a significant sonic difference between the two?


I just bought 1c version. Very good, easy to drive, easy to like. If you want a more analytical drive, look elsewhere. They are relaxed and inviting.
Yes, but there really has never been a Vandersteen that didn't sound good.

The updates to all models typically happen when Richard finds a way to make the 1 sound close to the 2, the 2 closer to the 3, etc.. His updates are significant.
I've been enjoying the Vandy 1C's for almost eight years, and they are truly wonderful speakers. I first drove them with an Arcam Delta 90 integrated amp, and they sounded extremely musical and "just right." I recently switched to a Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amp (click on my "system"), and the speakers got even better.... I won't try to use the audiophile terms, I'll simply say that these speakers make you want to sit as long as possible listening to your favorite CD's and vinyl.
I just recently owned both models (and subsequently sold both models as well). Having said that, I think I enjoyed the 1B's a bit more than the 1Cs. Depends on the type of sound you like best. The 1Cs might be a bit more detailed, but the 1Bs (to me) sounded a bit more musical and forgiving. Just my two cents, both are excellent speakers for the price.