VAC 30/70...pick your pre?

Considering a pair of VAC 30/70’s however concerned a bit about matching the Pre well; on the other hand, can’t spend another 5-6k on a line stage right now. Thoughts? Recs? Get a better integrated instead for now?  Ideas about Line Magnetic 219 vs. Allnic T2000; pushing Wharfedale Jade 5's (87db 6ohm)


I live in TN, but if you are thinking of going up to NY you  might give In Living Stereo , which is I believe down towards the financial district,  a call to see if they have both the 219 & 508 in stock; webpage shows both

So Phaun16... Which one did you end up with? I am looking at both the 219 and 508 here in 2022. Trying to make up my mind.