Upgraded X-over for Buchardt S400?

I heard the upgraded versions these speakers, with I think Dueland wiring and much better caps, and was blown away with them.  I bought the stock S400 speaker and am really enjoying them, but wonder if there is an affordable upgrade for them.  I contacted Mads and he said the upgrades network would cost $1K, which is out of my budget.  Does anyone have experience with X-over upgrades for the speaker?   Thanks. 
Whitestix, a good buddy of mine has the S300 and it’s pretty stunning what those relatively small speakers can do. Haven’t heard the S400’s except at Axpona a couple of years ago but I couldn’t get a real feel for them there. That being said I have had Danny Richie with GR Research upgrade the crossovers for two pairs of speakers I own. He does fantastic work and is responsible for the crossover designs in many speakers. You may shoot him an email and see if he has any offerings for the 400. I have a pair of peachtree d5’s that he upgraded which cost around $500 for new crossovers and level matching the tweeters. Same with a pair of Era D10’s. Good luck.

I have D5’s. Contacted Danny. Thinking to upgrade. What did the xOver & tweeters do for your D5’s?

I’ve upgraded so many crossovers and interal wiring over the years, I’ve lost track.

I can’t remember a single time that the process did not yield appreciable improvement.

I can really appreciate companies like Buchardt, where they are up front about having different levels of crossover components. Lots of companies pass their supposedly high end speakers off, with crapy crossover parts.