upgraded fuse holder

I am asking what replacement fuse holders(2 per amp) one would use in the Acoustat servo tube amps?
The fuses are one 500ma and one 5 amp per amp.
Look into silver plated fuse holders from Acme Audio. See if they have the sizes you require.
Thanks,I've seen some modern amps with modern fuse holders where the ends are encased in a plastic type enclosure.I'll check out Acme.
The type of spring clip, PCB mount fuse holders you need; seem to be nonexistent in silver or gold plate. It would be nice if the metals of which they are comprised, were better conductors. Unfortunately; metals that conduct well don't have the ability to retain the tension necessary, for a firm grab on the ends of a fuse. If I had the means, and there existed enough demand; I'd manufacture gold plated, solid copper fuse holders, with spring clips that snapped over each end, insuring a tight grasp/good contact. I could use four myself, for the +/- rails of my woofer system's amp.
Thanks,Rodman,until something better comes along I'll have to go with the stock ones and just keep them clean.
I'm assuming the .5A fuse is for the screen supply of the tube amp in which case I might use a ceramic fuse vs. a glass fuse as glass fuses can shatter. Any properly rated fuse holder i.e. from Littlefuse etc. should work fine unless the amp uses the KTK type large fuse. I don't believe they do. It's been a long times since I worked on one. Whatever fuse holder you use just make sure it's free of corrosion.