Upgrade to dcs bartok.

My current system includes a simaudio 390 preamp/dac/streamer. Most of my listening is tidal and qobuz with roon nucleus. Rest of system is michi p5 amp(surprisingly good IMO) and sonus faber serafino speakers. Thinking of upgrading digital to dcs bartok. Obviously pricey upgrade. Thoughts on how much improvement would be gained? Obviously very subjective but just seeking input from anyone familiar with both simaudio and dcs bartok 



You would get a much better sound if you got an Aurender N20 or N30 if you can stretch that far and use the Sim Audio for DAC/Pre until you can get a decent Pre-amp (Pass Labs?). Then if you're still searching upgrade the DAC (Musetec 005?).

Go and hear them all DCS does not sound good because it's expensive and a DAC cannot improve what it's fed.

I had the DCS Bartok and loved it.  It Tidal MQA sounded like people playing in my living room.  I love the one box for Dac and streamer as well.