Upgrade from Bluesound Node

I currently have a Bluesound Node used as a streamer And a Denafrips Ares II DAC. I stream music from from Amazon. 
My system is Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution and a Vitus MI100 integrated amp. 
I was thinking upgrading the front end of my system since I listen only to streaming music. 
I was considering a PS Audio PerfectWave Direct Stream Jr DAC with a Bridge II streamer. Do you think it is a worthy upgrade? I’m open to suggestions. The simpler the setup the better. I’m also thinking in getting something used, if it’s worth it. 
My room is about 13x17 ft. 

thank you


Also haven’t heard it, but the Volumio Rivo is supposed to noticeably improve upon Eversolo in sound presentation. It uses a Khadas type cpu. The only thing is that you’ll need to get into using Volumio OS, which is actually really good. Lots of helpful plug-ins and sound options, mist very effective and useful. You’d also get a free subscription to their top tier version of their software if you purchase one of their in house streaming devices.

I’ve currently got a Pi2 design Mercury streamer using Volumio and think it still sounds very good - but am also considering an upgrade. I was looking looking at the Eversolo masters edition, until the Rivo showed up. Only possible dealbreaker, I don’t think Volumio supports Amazon music? But I do know Qobuz sounds exceptional through this software (as does Tidal). Band amp is also available through the plug-in section, also sounds great.

Based on experiences and recommendations (2psyop and richdirector), I ordered the power supply kit from Vinshine from under $300. Later on I'll upgrade the DAC.

Thank you to everyone!!!!

The PS Audio is literally one of the worst DACs I’ve ever heard. I admit, I’m spoiled by DCS Vivaldi, Rossini, Barton, but even the modest Ayre Codex is far better in every way (except no streaming). I literally can’t imagine a taste preference which would make the PS Audio a reasonable choice. I can only imagine purchasers have never heard an even moderately good DAC (out in rural areas?).

mtdining, thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate that.

I was thinking buying a Denafrips Venus later on.

I think @fuzztone nailed it when he statedAmazonMusic is compatible with very few streamers, Bluesound being one.  Otherwise you will need Bluetooth, Chromecast, or AirPlay.  If you are going to upgrade the streamer I would also change the service to one that can play directly into the streamer