Unique Guitarist Andy Mckee Found on YouTube

Andy is indeed strongly influenced by Michael Hedges.
Saw him recently in concert in Victoria, B.C., with Don Ross, and Michael Manring.
Very fine music, by 3 excellent players.
(Manrings bass playing is truly special)
I didnt even know Hedge's was dead...I just played an LP of his two days ago.
Have to 2nd the comment on Michael Manring - probably one of the most underrated bassists of all time. I think probably because the music and ensembles he chooses are a little too laid back to bring much notice to himself.
Doorman, I had a chance to see Mckee, Ross and Manring at a small venue in Minneapolis just over a month ago. Very memorable performances by all. If anyone gets the chance to see any of them or all of them, don't pass it up!
Thanks for sharing - I checked out several of their videos - not sure which CD to buy first! His label candyrat.com also has Alan Holdsworth, Michael Manring, Eric Johnson...(I never heard of the label until justnow - good marketing via youtube...)
Antoine Dufour is a tour-du-force as well. He must have some classical training, because he hits the notes dead-on... very crisp, clean and efficient. He's also quite good with musical composition as well. I like his funky grooves.

Running through some of the old Michael Hedges videos renewed my awe in him. Man what a guitar player... one of the best to ever live.
Yeah thats Hedge's style but lacks the aggression Hedges had on every song. Michael Hedges: one of a kind.
Glad my post prompted some discussion.

I'm always interested in learning about new (to me) artists/styles. While I had heard of Michael Hedges' name, I had never heard his material; but in addition to Mckee and Manning, will check his offerings. Any recommendations on which album to begin with? My preference is vinyl, but CD’s are obviously ok too.

After a cursory check, there doesn't appear to be any DVD offerings for Hedges, Manring, Mckee, etc. Might I have missed something?
Hedges -

1) For a great introduction 'Beyond Boundaries, Guitar Solos'. Your best bet as it contains most of the choice cuts available on my next two recommendations. Not sure about vinyl. (CD: WH-01934-11612-2)

2) Although out of print, try and find a copy of 'Strings of Steel' from your favorite used sources. Worth it solely for his cover of "Gimme Shelter". (LP: WH-17532)

3) My favorite, 'Live on the Double Planet' as I attended the University of Maine shows that were recorded. (LP: WH-1066)