Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Master?

Has anyone heard any of these cds from LIM? Here is what they say about them:

"This recording has been mastered by the new Ultra High Definition 32-Bit mastering process, which creates an unbelievable sound surpassing other formats."

Any truth to that statement?
I have heard FIM 32-bit Remasters and own a few. They are excellent...personaly, i focus much less on the technology...and instead try to understand whether the people doing the remastering job are well respected in their field. I always pay attention if I see remastering by Doug Sax, Bob Ludwig, Steve Hoffman, and there are number of others. FIM is also one of them.

I have had excellent sucess with the newer remasters done by Analogue Productions...APO. One man's opinion. Good luck.
Thanks for your opinion Lloydelee. I have enjoyed the APO SACDs I've purchased and have some good sounding XRCDs. I guess I'll give FIM a try.
I bought a sampler SACD distributed by GrooveNote (GRV1013), and the cuts by FIM are outstanding!

"I always pay attention if I see remastering by Doug Sax, Bob Ludwig, Steve Hoffman, and there are number of others." You are *so* right. I think the remastering of a recording is a far more accurate predictor of whether I'm going to repeatedly enjoy a recording than the resolution numbers have ever been. HDtracks is finally starting to reveal the mastering provenance of select recordings and I wish they'd provide it for everything. For example the latest 192/24 Sterling remasters of the Verve catalog are very, very good.

Buying "by the numbers" is a risky proposition. The audio mags need to develop a more extensive review system of high resolution recordings. Many "hi-res" releases are quite mediocre...not nearly as good as a well-mastered Redbook through a good DAC.
Thanks for that Vhiner...always good to know what i 'think' i am hearing...is backed up by others!!!

Your ears are always right! Lord, I wish the Beatles would let George Martin's son remaster and mix their entire catalogue! The Love CD shows what's possible when someone with good ears and a grasp of the latest technology is at the helm.

I did not know about this...is the Love CD a Beatles remaster done by George Martin's son? I have never been truly happy with the Beatles remasters on digital.

Yes, it is. If you're a total purist, you might not like some of the liberties he's taken...but I think it's stunning.
The Beatles Love CD is a work of art. What remastering is truly capable of.
It would be incredible if this was released in high resolution. It is superior to the sonics of the latest Beatles Box stereo set and I would assume the monos as well though I've not heard them. The Yellow submarine CD that was released with he movie a couple of years ago has superior sound as well. As I recall it was done by the same group of engineers as the Love cd.

The ultimate recording would have two things in common. First a great engineer to do the remastering. Once this job was accomplished then release it in a high rez format. Then look out.
This morning I heard Fleetwood Mac's Rumours as a 24/96 remaster from HD Tracks. It sound was incredible. I'd always heard the master tapes were messed up on this album when it was first recorded. Whoever remastered this CD was a master indeed. If you like the band, and can access the HD Tracks version you'll love it. I might try the 24/192 version just to see what it sounds like some day.

I feel that between the two a great mastering job and hi Rez the mastering is most important. I've seen this throughout my stereo career no matter the format, LP, CD, Cassette, 8 track, open reel, and hi Rez digital.
i've got your recommended Beatles Love CD in my next Amazon shipment...thanks!