Two Tonearm Turntable: Need Suggestions

I know of the Thorens Prestige turntable that has two tonearms. But, what else is available? I want 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm with pitch control.
Spencer, as you know, I've done several times on a Spacedeck. However, no 78 rpm! :-)

Dmenagh, are you lcked into a NEW table? Handy? Checkout the Lenco thread ("Home Despot") below for another possibility.
Don't write off the Teres. Chris has stated that you could get the motor controller wired for 78. The problem is as far as I know, you can only get two speeds out of one motor. Of course, the Teres does not offer pitch control, because one of it's (the Teres) features is dead-nuts speed control.
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and many others offer 2-3 tonearm setups and pitch control.

The 78 RPM feature may be harder, but not impossible, to get. You just need someone to alter one of the DC speed controllers for the above TTs to handle 78 as well as 33 and 45.
The Platine comes with 2 armboards as standard. The motor is normally only 2 speed. However, Graham Tricker at GT Audio in the UK does a bespoke battery PSU for the Platine. He is not averse to bespoke electronics, so he might well be able to adapt his PSU to run three speeds. Check his website - - or email him on

PS he also does Schroeder arms and Allaerts carts and he will ship worldwide.
There's always the Thorens Reference, EMT 927F or alternatively a Garrard 301/401 with one of our multi arm plinths. These your best bets for sonics and flexibility at any speed!