Turntable repair

My buddy has an older Phillips 867 turntable that needs some help. Cables are damaged. Is this something that can be replaced easily? Access and connections? Can I use a regular RCA cable and remove the ends? What else should be done? Belts/Lubricate? I appreciate any expertise on this.


I ask you how hard does it look, you're the mechanic? Most TT maintenance is a good cleanup, a couple of startup motor caps, belt, clean the pullies and service the spindle pocket with oil if you can. The PS cable and a 20.00 RCA phono cable from Timbuktu will work fine. Find one on EBay.. 50.00 total for a rebuild..

I use Rislone engine treatment for the spindle/spindle bushing. 6-8.00 a quart USD very slippery stuff, it's very thin, very high temp.

It's a direct drive table, clean, lube, and as oldhvymec says, a new cable. gtg.

party pooper. Here I thought I knew something.. :-)

OK pressure wash it at the car wash, drop it in a bucket of oil, get a coat hanger and let er drip dry for a week. THEN replace the cable be carful of starting a fire after the oil dip. They act  a lot like an oil or gas well fire, once they get going, it may take dynamite to put it out.. That might ruin the turn table. Blowing it up..