Tubes from Carver SD/A-490t CD player

I owned this player form 1992. It is now defunct and I removed the tubes. They are Russian tubes having the quality control lettering (OTK1) on them. Would any one know what type of tube these are? 

Thanks Mofi.

 I feel a little foolish as I was on this forum and decided to ask here, then decided to do a little checking out for myself and discovered Carver was using the 6DJ8 tube. Regarding these tubes, I have no use for them and would send then to a fellow AGer for the cost of shipping. Again, I might be foolish as don’t know of these tubes are even worth that. Anyway, according to the CD player manual they are only used at less than 25% of capacity. The player had seen most of it’s use between 1993-1997, with little use since (none in last 6 years) so tubes do have life in them.   
Thanks George! Per my last post, sorry for  trouble. You are always very helpful.