Tube question - who makes Magnum Dynalab Reference 6922 Cryovalves??

I just got a MD100T with these tubes in it.  Love the unit.  No idea who makes these tubes.  Anyone know what they are?

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6922s are very plentiful, similar to 6DJ8 and 7308. If you want reliable sources, I’d suggest RAM Labs, Jim McShane, Antique Electronic Supply, Kevin (can’t recall last name). I have left out other reliable sellers, but don’t buy off eBay unless you have independent evidence that the seller is honest. Some of these sources will do cryo, if you pay a bit extra.

Think they used cryo'd tubes from various manufacturers.


A quick Google search found mention of Phillips USA and Russian 6922's (both of which used to be plentiful/inexpensive).


If you can post close up pics that would help.


Otherwise look for the Tubemonger tube library website as he has excellent pics of various tubes, including 6922's.



Several years ago, I owned an MD106T and purchased the cryovalves directly from MD.  They were nice tubes, but I think a little overpriced.  At the time I think they were using Electro Harmonix or JJ.  

Instead of guessing, why not send an email to Magnum Dynalab and ask them? They are very responsive.  Enjoy your FM.



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I strongly doubt that any real tube manufacturer ever cryo-treated their product.  In my experience, that is always an option occasionally offered by the better tube vendors.  But I am always willing to learn something new.


The tubes (both old/new production) were later cryo'd by outsourced providers.

Have not purchased tubes for years, as I purchased gobs of them 20 years ago, but cryo was an option/upcharge back 15 years (or so).

ATSI (a tube dealer) comes to mind as I purchased Reflektor (sp?) Russian 6922 types from them @ the time.



"The tubes (both old/new production) were later cryo'd by outsourced providers."

That's exactly what I said too, or was trying to say.

I believe the owner of MD told me they source their cryo-tubes from Telefunken (the new ones).  They also have some information on their website about it.  And the guy that makes Pearl Tube Coolers offers a deep freeze cryo treatment in liquid nitrogen, not just nitrogen gas. 

There is some great information on the Pearl Website about it.