Tube question for Berning EA-230 amp owners...

Has anyone tried using a RCA 5692 red base in place of the 6SN7GTB's in a this amp? I really enjoy the sound of a pair of 1950's black plate RCA 6SN7GTB's I have been using in it lately, and was wondering if the supposedly better sounding 5692 red base would be compatible with the voltage that the EA-230 runs at. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Having owned several Berning amps I have found that NOS tubes do make a difference(tho not a large one). I also have settled on RCA as being the best fit for both the 270 and Siegfried amps. My understanding is that 5692 shouldn't be a problem to substitute for 6SN7's. The easiest and most accurate policy in these cases is to call the maufacturer. David has always been very responsive and helpful(via email).
I've found the 12AT7 input tubes actually make more of a sonic difference than the 6SN7, with the 6JN6 output tubes really having very little sonic impact after trying RCAs, Sylvanias and Amperxes. I recall having tried some 5692, but it has been a number of years and I really can't remember my overall impressions. I too use RCA 6SN7GTB flat black plate with the bottom 'D' getter from the late 50's /early 60's and have always come back to these as one of the best sonic fits for all my Berning amps. The usual disclaimers apply.

Thanks guys! Yes, I too have heard just slight differences when rolling other 6JN6's, and very noticeable sonic tonal and detail differences with both the input and driver tubes. The Sylvania 6SN7's had great speed, dynamics and detail, but were too forward for my tastes in this amp. I found the same goes for the Sylvania 12AT7's in my EA-230.
You can tell David did not voice this amp with them originally. My favorite driver and input tubes so far are the RCA black plates. I'll also have to try some older Mullard 12AT7's soon. One of the great things about this amp is that once I finally decide on the right set of tubes all around, they will probably last me for decades!
I still have all the original stock tubes that have been in the amp since the early 1980's, and they all test near new! I'll try to contact David about compatibility with the 5692's as suggested.