Tube preamp topologies and music

I am searching for a tube power amplifier. I know very little (nothing) about what the pros and cons of tube topologies as they relate to certain types of music.

as an example, let’s take hard rock/heavy metal. It seems to be the consensus that say 300b single ended amps would be the wrong choice even if you had 100+db efficient speakers. Why is this?

Also, tube compliment. 211? EL84? 300B? I understand that they have power output differences, but what else?


I welcome everyone’s input.


The 45 is a beautiful sounding tube.A 45 SET amp will output around 2 watts. My guess us that they will drive the Herseys fine. Maybe limited dynamics.

So much commentary on single ended 300 B tubes and low wattage amplifiers.

@jasonbourne71 has some outstanding commentary but requires great expertise to really understand things.

My take away is that you risk higher distortion when you have low wattage amplifiers. I guess the speakers should be highly efficient but then this may lead to distortion when you want to turn the volume up in a bigger room.

Maybe lower watt amplifiers are good for small rooms where higher wattage amplifiers Will have no problem filling a larger room.

I didn’t follow the impedance curve tracking rationale where if it happens you’ll have increasing distortion.

Impedance as a relates to lower wattage Single end tubes is not easy to understand for me at least but I’m open. I have 16 kt88s on my 300 watt tube monos and there doesn’t seem to be any distortion that I can here.