Troubleshooting Audio Interference (Buzz/Hum/Static)

I’m planning out the next iteration of my home studio, and one thing I really want to fix is the humming/buzzing that are constantly on my Kali speakers. I’ve tried different outlets/areas of my place and it’s not an issue with the actual speakers or my interface, so I assume it has something to do with the grounding or some kind of electrical interference . However, I do notice that the buzzing gets worse when the graphics card of my PC is being utilized - such as when I’m playing most games. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it stays. So I guess I’m not sure if it’s the electrical circuit its on, or if its an issue with the power supply or something, but its always done this. Is anyone familiar with or know which kind of ground loop isolator or power conditioner I could use to maintain a clear and quiet audio feed without any electrical interference or grounding issues? I’m not terribly familiar with how all of it works or where to start looking, so any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


One simple thing to start with is to buy an outlet tester at the hardware store (or Amazon) and test the outlets in your home to make sure that they are wired correctly and grounded.  It is surprising how often the hot and neutral wires are switched, or a faulty ground exists.