I need some help making a decision. My main source of music enjoyment is primarily Cd’s. I play both red book and sacd, but by far many more redbook. I have the EMM Labs Dac2x v2 and using my former player as a transport. Thinking about purchasing a EMM labs TSDX transport to spin my disc. Has anyone been able to compare the sound quality of using the EMM dac both through the EMM transport and through a non-EMM transport. Please tell me what the benefits of all EMM vs EMM dac with decent non-EMM transport. Thanks.
You cann acceive far greater sound quality by móvil into a high quality server and ripping your cds

Now you cann access them faster and create pltlists and you can access the wotld of streaming music as well

Another advantage is far better sound qualoty via asíncrono data trasfer and roon allows you ro upconvert your cds ibto pseudo high res files

There is 0 advantage in playing cds and a ton of advantages playing with a server

In our shop 95%of our demos are on a streamer

We havea tonos experience with streamers so real free to contact our store

Dave and troy
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Keep texting and typing, Dave.  You're going to reestablish neural pathways with what you are doing in PT and OT.  
Dave, so sorry to hear about that. Like jafreeman said, keep going as it's the best therapy for now. This insidious virus is accounting for more and more ailments, being overlooked as the cause and complicating matters.
Good luck in your recovery.

All the best,
Insidious virus? This is like the flu. By summer, it will go away by itself 
Moderators - why has thyname not been banned yet?  He is joking about people getting sick and dying, being a total jerk on almost every thread. I hang out here to learn something, not to to see the boards dominated by juvenile insults.
Hey @tonnesen : why are you tracking and flagging all my posts across all threads?

By the way, sorry you did not get my joke on coronavirus and "flu". I was being sarcastic in case you did not realize that.
@tonnesen - you can’t be serious, REALLY!?!  All you do is whine and complain.  Please try to participate vs. finding reasons to take offense.
It’s OK @sfseay. He probably did not get my sarcasm on my post. I choose to understand it this way