Tracy Chapman - Similar artists & their albums

My all time favorite musician is Tracy Chapman ever since I heard her self titled album.
Looking for similar artists & their best work. Any suggestions?
+1 Joan Armatrading. Her self-titled 3rd is a career highlight(especially the super analog recording on vinyl). Both of her compilations, Track Record and The Very Best of would serve as tremendous introductions.

Maybe a bit of a stretch, but another quite original artist, with great songs, authentic reproduction, upfront vocals and lovely acoustic guitars featured in many songs is Gillian Welch. Time(The Revelator), Soul Journey, and The Harrow & The Harvest are all excellent albums. Cheers,
Have a listen to J.S. Ondara Tales of America very similar vibe for sure.  Good recent album that I learned about on another forum.
I really like the sound on this album as well the double bass and acoustic guitar and vocals come across in a really nice way.