Townshend Pods with subs

This is kind of an addendum to my Pods and Podiums reviews. When rixthetrick turned me onto springs we thought they would be great under subs. The reasoning was not only will the subs sound better, but they will prevent a lot of energy going into the turntable muddying up everything else. There is a lot of truth to that but every situation is a little bit different and mine with a 700lb solid concrete and sand turntable rack is probably one of the more different situations around. 

So I was not surprised when going from BDR Cones to the springs did not make a huge difference under the subs. (Under the Moabs, different story.) These were by the way a mix of some plain springs bought off eBay, and some Nobsound springs. My experience with them under all my other components taught me the advantages of springs (isolation, elimination of ringing) but also the disadvantage of harmonic resonance when the springs are not properly damped. 

This is all by way of explaining why the subs were the last ones to get around to trying with Pods: I just wasn't expecting that much of an improvement.  

Well, I was right about that, sort of. In terms of "bass" or what most would call bass, the definite bass notes you can hear as bass, this was indeed cleaner and faster with less overhang than before. But that's not what hit me. What really got me right away was this powerful sense of the walls and room and speakers disappearing even more. It was kind of like the needle goes back down on the same Roxy Music track, only now we are in a vast space easily 3X as big as before! Like before was a big room, now is a cavern.  

This was a bit puzzling at first, but in hindsight makes perfect sense. One of the best things about a DBA is the way all this quality low bass helps reproduce the sensation of being in a large space. Large spaces just naturally have the ability to convey very low frequency long wave vibrations in a way small spaces simply cannot do. So no wonder then that when we do hear these sounds accurately reproduced our brains just naturally report back that we are in a large space. This is where the sense of envelopment comes from. 

Pods under all five subs improves this and in doing so just naturally improves this sense of space and envelopment. I don't know what it would be like with just one- and am not about to wrestle mine around enough to find out! But wow do they ever work great with five! 

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The walls have their own resonant frequency modes, removing directly coupled energies into them by means of isolation is a good move.
Yeah I have everything on springs, wait till you try tuned mass dampers on top of isolated speakers.

millercarbon, the August gathering is so going to be fun! Firsts for all of us to try.
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I use tuned Mass damper.. I’ve been using them for 35 years. It’s called heavy sand in different amounts, placed into a baggie, LOL. This would be hilarious to double blind listening test. Springs are amazing! Mass dampers are snake oil. Just put weight on top. Save your money. If you really want the top of your speakers to not ring, place a sheet of FoQ on top. Done.
Not to sound pretentious, but I’m here to settle this. This subject is full of snake oil, opinions based on nothing, and outright lies. Max Township on pods and platforms are perfect. Here is why oh, he did not invent any of this technology! The pods and platforms were invented long long ago for the medical and laboratory industry. The purpose is to take any vibrations in the room to below 3hz. And they do exactly that! Please look at these two links and understand this technology has been perfected long long ago. There is no question about whether it works perfectly. Only opinions from people that don’t know what they’re talking about. I hope this helps. I’m sure audiophiles will still argue against proven technology.
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Those look to be some remarkably well engineered pods there flaxxer. They aren't adjustable for level like Townshend Pods, take twice as long to get and cost four times as much, but man do they look to be seriously properly engineered!