TOSLINK to SPDIF converter box

I asked this same question elsewhere. I hope to get some response on A'Gon.

I have a Benchmark DAC2 for my home office system. I love it. I am now looking at getting a second DAC for my main rig.

I am likely going to buy the Resonessence Labs Mirus DAC. I like the idea of the SD Card for input + USB for computer when I feel like more control. I would also like to hook up my Cable TV and Xbox 360 via the TOSLINK outputs of those devices. The Mirus DAC has 2 BNC inputs that would be free in my setup. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good TOSLINK to SPDIF converter to hook up the Cable TV + Xbox + whatever else to the BNC of the DAC. I know I will have 1 TOSLINK input on the DAC, and I will use that, but I have more TOSLINKS that need to be connected. Thanks in advance.
There are a lot of converters that do what you want and cost practically nothing. Buy one and see how it goes. You probably won't get BNC out, but you can get coax cable with RCA on one end and BNC on the other, or a plug on adapter.