Tidal has started streaming MQA encoded albums

My Tidal app updated and - voila! - there's about 30,000 MQA Master tracks available to stream for Tidal's HiFi subscribers.

It appears the MQA decoder is in the app so the listener can enjoy MQA without buying any hardware as long as the DAC can handle 24/96. 

First impressions are very good either using Tidal's app for MQA or listening thru Roon and getting a 24/48 (non-"unfolded") MQA file.

Then again, it could be my DAC filters better at 24/48 & 24/96 than at 16/44.

I listened to 24/96 Led zeppelin I on my studio system. WOW. Mastered for iTunes was great. Tidal 24/96 is really great!!

I currently stream 14/44 Tidal thru airplay to Apple TV then to my Dac and stereo system. Tidal did mention that HI REZ is being developed for smartphone apps. BUT, airplay and Apple TV limit 16/48. I may have to llok into a MQA network player for my living room system.
Hey @aberyclark If you can get a PC (or Mac) running the Tidal app connected to your DAC, it's worth the (temporary) futzing. I'm hearing Bonham's kick drum and bass quivers I totally missed before. 


I know..big difference. My studio monitors are so revealing that with the 24/96 Tidal streams, you actually feel the pulses of his bass drum where he is pressing against head between notes. AWESOME
Apple Computers (not ios devices) can transmit 24/96 over wifi home share. But, I would need some type of TIDAL remote for the desktop app. 
I have had luck with the free Real VNC app running on my iMac and iPad.  Using it now to browse the Tidal Masters library running over there on my iMac. 

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Tidal is not internally decoding the MQA files. You need an outboard dac with MQA decoding for it to give you master quality. By the way MQA files are either 24/96 or 24/88 files without the lower bits which are used for MQA encoding
using Explorer 2.  the 2L recordings decode to MQA (really sounds good) but all other albums do not decode and play at the wrong speed (much faster) 
Something is wrong
All the MQA albums on Tidal are lighting up the blue light on the Meridian
There is no speed change
ahendler...I'll check if I have the latest Explorer 2 firmware.  Are you using MAC OS?  what version?  thanks 
Only the Tidal desktop app decodes mqa. You have to let Tidal take over your computer audio interface and make it exclusive to Tidal ( when youvquitvTidal computer goes back to settings you had before) Plus choose to let app decode the mqa. You can pass thru if you have an mqa Dac.

Mqa does not not work with mobile or web browser yet. It does work with Bluesoynd Node 2 ( node will decide mqa or you can pass thru)

ahendler and aberyclark Thank you for the response.  I am able to get full MQA decoding to work across all of the master albums.  between the 2L and others I need to de-select the MQA passthrough and re-select when switching between the 2.  do you see the same? MAC OS 10.9.5 and Explorer v1717.  The full MQA is great.