Thought on Ayre K-5xeMP with PSAudio BHK 250

Does anyone have experience with these two items matched together?  I am looking into getting the PSAudio as a replacement/upgrade for my system and would have it paired to my Ayre Preamp.  Both seem to be well regarded but you never know how things will turn out when they are paired together and I would not have a chance to do an in-home demo.  Will need to commit to the BHK.  

Am patiently waiting for the new Revel Performa3 Beryllium line to come out to upgrade speakers but should have a similar sound proile to the Ultima Studios.  
Your high expectations of any amp change is circling the drain
with regard to the positioning of your left speaker and Hallway, bass suck out or lack of the left channels power response.
One solution that would make sense is asymmetrical placement.
Put that TV in the corner move the left channel about 6 feet out from the corner and put the right ch speaker on the right side of that window and move your listing position accordingly/.
unhook the sub and get it outta the room when listening as the bass you will now have may be satisfying enough.
if you like the results for better focus, you may want to look at a preowned Ayre V5 w zero feedback.

This is GREAT advice regarding setup.  Thinking about it, this makes a lot of sense but doesn't resolve my issue.  

I am looking at a new amp less for improved sound and more because I am getting rid of the Raidho's because my wife hates the way they look. I am trying to get a better value back via a trade then the crappy return one seems to get on direct sales.  Raidho makes a wonderful speaker but their business practices lead to very poor residuals.     

Thus I am looking at trades and one trade involves a PSAudio BHK 250.  I am trying to gauge how it will match hypothetically with the Ayre to determine whether the trade makes sense.  
Nope.  Picked up a PS Audio Directstream DAC on trade instead.  I have shuffled my system a bit but this was not the amp I opted for.  The Ayre is decidedly warm and compared to newer and/or higher end units it is a little less resolving.  

I have done an A/B comparison between the Ayre and a BHK Signature preamp and despite being tube based, the BHK is more forward and delivers slightly better resolution but even used costs 50% more in general.