Thorens TD 165 Speed & Belt Setup Questions

A number of years ago I bought fa TD165 for my daughter from a friend who restored it, adding better cables, a Jelco arm and Audiopoints. Now she has a new table and I'm readying the Thorens for sale. 

I tested speed with my KAB strobe. 45 looks great, but at 33 it's running a bit fast. A google search found a couple of comments suggesting there's a threaded post that can be used to dial in speed. Others replied that it was for pulley tension and not really a speed adjustment, even though it does have a bit of impact on speed. 

So my questions are:
1) If the belt is worn and needs replacement wouldn't both speeds be off? 
2) There's a tiny bit of black gunk on the lower area of the motor pulley, probably rubber residue from the belt usually being set to 33. Would cleaning the post with alcohol, etc. remove the gunk and perhaps result in a slightly slower speed at 33? 
3) Would you recommend adjusting that rod setting to attempt to slow down the 33 speed? Does adjusting the rod setting while playing at each speed adjust the speed independently or would it affect both 33 & 45?

It's a really nice vintage table! I want to get it tip-top before it finds a new home. Cheers,
Of course clean the gunk and re-test speed. Also keep in mind that the goal is accurate speed while playing music. So if you haven’t done so, be sure to measure the speed while playing a record; perhaps it will be more accurate under that condition or at least close enough.
The speed control on the old units is to accurize for broadcast, recording and play back. Playback is last on the list in a non studio environment. If your recording FROM a TT the recording speed needs to be accurate.

Playing back not so much.. That's why Thoren's broadcast/transcription TT, the TD111, 121, 124, (224), 134, 135, 184 all have a speed control but the strobe is on their actual 121/24 (224). There is NO speed control on their non broadcast/transcription tables TD145-166 for a reason, it's not important for play back... Pretty simple reason...:-)

The old Load and Go TD224 was actually used to "Load (the rack with 3 or 4 records) and GO" (eat lunch or join the Christmas party) for a couple of hours.  Some radio stations were on a budget I guess, no Reel to Reel. :-).

Remove the platters, clean the well pocket out real good with alcohol, clean everything, check the motor for excessive thrust and add a nock kit if it needs it. Clean and lube the motor. Polish the platter shaft ONLY. BrassO or ZERO abrasion Never Dull for the shaft. NEW well oil. I use Rislone engine treatment. Smells like good cleaning gun oil. 4-6 dollars a quart..  Slippery as snot.. Clean everything with alcohol the belt surfaces and motor pully.

I dust the inner pully with talc dust (powder). If its a new belt just let it warm in a window a give it a slight retention or two.. don't wipe off the belt if its new..

There is a cap or two that helps motor start.. you can replace them, good idea..  They start to go backwards then forward.. first sign of cap failure.

Gummy puffers (ear plugs) and spring kits... Inspect and replace as needed..

One trick I do for the ones I keep. I silicone the inside of the belt platter, it adds weight and is a super duper dampening agent.. 

Great light weight TTs.. I keep a 1/2 dozen around.. 
Wow, @oldhvymec, that's some good sh*t! thanks. 

Do you happen to know a good source for a dustcover? This table has the "Frankenstein bolts" on the sides for the cover with the spirally cutouts. I was surprised to see them well north of $100 on ebay and pondering whether it would be better to add one before sale or leave that to a buyer to decide. Cheers,
An update:
I cleaned the pulley with alcohol and it was no big deal; cleaned right up. I then tested speed with the KAB strobe both with and without a record under the KAB template. I downloaded an app that measures rpm speed and tried that too. All results were the same. 45 is accurate, while 33 1/3 comes in at 33.6...pretty darn fast! 
Next stop will be ordering a new belt. 

Thanks for the help! Cheers,
Ebay is the best source for dust covers.

33.6? Stop fussing, that's perfect for playback..


I have a modified TD 145 MK 1 and I've never had a motor issue. I'm currently using an Origin Live belt to good results. Anyway, the Thoren's motors are around $200.00 however you're probably fine unless the tempo just sounds wrong.

I ordered a new Thorens belt, and am awaiting some cocobolo veneer to arrive to redo the plinth before reassembly with the new belt and a cork mat. It will be a couple of weeks before I have everything spinning. Kinda fun. Let's hope I don't talk myself into keeping it! Cheers,