The revolution has begun!

Digital amps along with digital xovers are the future.....and you can have it NOW. I am not going to say that a $1400 Peachtree GaN1 amp will sound better than a $120K MSB Select, $145K Boulder Preamp and Bouder $250K mono blocks with $20K worth of cables in between (over half a million plus power cords and amp stands)......but it did beat the Holo May KTE with the Holo Serene Pre and Kinki B7 mono blocks with $1000 worth of interconnects ($13k). So what will it take to beat this $200 digital board from Elegant Audio Solutions powered from a $100 switching power supply? With a digital amp you do not need a DAC or a preamp or regular amp with feedback, tubes, or transistors. With digital amps you can bi or triamp your speaker drivers directly without the distortion of passive components. In fact, I would bet that if you bought two GaN 1 amps, bought the $600 digital xover from minisdp (with great linear supply and great coax cables) and biamped some drivers directly that it would sound better than most $50K systems. You could get 2 12 inch woofs and mount them on an open baffle and put a beryllium tweenter on top and set the xover to 1K or less (48db per octave). You hardwire your speaker cable to the woofers voice coil wires and use Music Purifiers and Ground Enhancers on each driver.....Bybee Clarifiers on the back of the woofer magnets.......speaker wires hardwired via plastic clamps into the amps (no binding posts or spades allowed here!). Of course, you can triamp.....and manufacturers will soon have powered digital speaker so all you will need is a source.

There will be other manufacturers designing and building digital amps that will (no doubt) be better than the EAS boards.....but they will come at a price. These, yet to be made digital amps will blow the industry wide no more big heavy expensive boxes will ever need to be purchased......but what EAS has not is fantastic. When I do some mods to the Peachtree amp next month it should get a step or two better. Have fun!

I have started a webpage about all this and more and will be updating it continuously.


This all looks very good on paper if you are an audiophile looking for the best sound from a digital source - all things being equal this concept should be better - surely? You are eliminating so many unneeded parts in the audio chain - it has to sound better - logic dictates this as a fact (Mr. Spock)!

But, and one but bothers me - all the digital "processing" that goes on inside a powerdac (or whatever you call them) can create a lot of RFI self-noise which can pollute the sound despite how pure this all seems to be.

You could say that purer is using a TDA1543 DAC (which does not do any computational processing of the signal at all due to its 80s simplicity - and why many hi-end audio designers use these simple DAC chips now). And then use a simple Tube amplification stage which again tends to be the simplest form of amplification without the need for many transistors in the path - also the amplification via a Tube goes through a vacuum and not silicon.

So maybe you could argue that a simple setup like the above could also be an excellent solution for different reasons.


the big problem with quoting the idea of objective vs subjective is that subjective existence, which is all we have.. has allowed for a thing called 'objectivity' to exist.

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@ricevs - That VTV GaNFET looks like a winner, hope it sounds like one.  You mentioned bi-amping.  How would you get a coax input signal into both amps?  Do you have to use a splitter?