The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change

Anybody have an answer?

I have a decent selection of preamps, amps, integrateds and speakers to choose from and I find myself swapping out gear constantly.  And it's not because anything sounds bad.  Quite contrary, really.

After most swapping sessions, I'm generally really satisfied and quite enjoy the sound quality.  But within a few weeks I'm swapping stuff out again.

What would be the diagnosis for my condition?


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shkong78  Welcome to the club! My membership has always been active having chosen not to have children to worry about!  No regrets...

@audio_is_subjective64 - I think you mostly nailed it with your first answer, FOMO, Fear of Missing Out. Although some buy for the variety, or for real sonic upgrades, audiophiles are conditioned by audio equipment marketing that is based on the newest batch of stuff being better than what came before. This is common to many disposable income type hobbies where the equipment is integral to one’s performance and/or enjoyment. The growth and prosperity of the cable and tweak industries may be an example of audiophile FOMO.