I need a little black XLR junction box for a famous turntable......Two XLR jacks and a 4 pin jack 399.00 please....What is going on here, you can buy a whole amplifier for that ??   I offered a dealer  200.00 for one and he laughed at me......Are  we the buyers going crazy paying that ????
Mat:    Thanks for your e-mail on this , but I'm pretty much done with this VPI thing......I'm not getting anywhere , and I'm wasting many hours.....So I think I need to get rid of this stuff......And listen to my Rega......Will
@autospec wrote - I have emailed the VPI dealer no less than 8 times to get a tracking number

 It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here. While the dealer was closed for Thanksgiving, autospec emailed him 8-times and I imagine each subsequent email became more and more abusive until the Dealer finally said “enough”, and canceled the order. It's called Karma!

Just for the "record", my experience with VPI has been wonderful.
I bought a prototype table with a gimbal arm that was replaced for free when I had some problems with it. I bought it at their New Jersey factory and headquarters. They sat me down in front of these massive vintage JBL speakers, turned down the lights, and allowed me to listen long enough to decide. Accompanied by Mat, I got a tour of the factory and met and chatted with all of the craftsmen involved. I'm a craftsman, and from what I saw, VPI  is constantly innovating with the best tech that can be had and selling cutting edge engineered products without price gouging. VPI, in my opinion, reminds me of the 1950's, when this country was in its manufacturing glory, with small to medium-sized companies producing well built gems.  

On a side note what is the plug din called..I can't seem to find one similar to this..I going the diy route.