The first ever Chuxpona™ is a wrap!

Too busy right now to properly compose my usual, uh, composition. Suffice to say it was a blast. After listening to a lot of records, including some killer Hot Stampers, on my system, we moved on to tubes and even digital. I know. But look at it this way guys, I listen to digital so you don't have to!

The highlight of the weekend was when Rick's wife Anna showed up. By that time we were deep into digital. Right away Anna says, "I thought we were going to hear records? I want to hear some records?" First Rick plays her favorite Tracy Chapman Baby Can I Hold You Tonight.

Then we moved everything around all the way back to my main system, now with the brand new Origin Live Sovereign MkIV table and Enterprise MkIV arm. Same Tracy Chapman. Within seconds Anna is going, "Wow!"

She's a keeper, Rick! 

So's the Sovereign. Full review to come. Meantime, enjoy the pics.
Yes indeed, it was that kind of a show. Very casual and easygoing. 

This was a "real show" by the way, complete with rush job setup and everything.
Krissy arrived Friday. Table and arm were delivered Wednesday. Between work and stuff it was a real cluster to get up and running in time. Was going to try and do it together, but turntable setup calls for a lot of focused attention. So when I woke up early that morning instead of going back to bed I went to work.

Got the arm mounted, and the cart, turntable level, dropped the needle, wow this is nice! Easy to write. But that single sentence involved a good 4 hours of concentrated effort. To get in the ballpark. Within minutes it was clear the VTA was off. Well, of course! VTA is easily the most important factor in turntable setup, incredibly demanding of precision, and can only be done by ear.  

Right at the precise moment I am making the final critical adjustment, "Dear, Rick is on the phone!" The last time he called I had a bearing spindle a millimeter from going in the well. How in the world does he know?!  

Anyway, the arm does somehow get set up. Sort of. Returning home and showing off the table with Krissy, what's this? The side bias weights. Talk about rushed! So the table everyone heard had near zero hours, and far from dialed in. Wish more had been there Friday. We were hearing it get better and better literally minute by minute.