TEAC - New Transport

I have just read a user review on a forum from an individual who has been dedicated to a digital source for quite some time.

They have to my knowledge owned quite substantial cost devices and also lesser costing devices whilst finding the source that most suited their preferences.

This individual has now shared their early thoughts on their usage of the New TEAC Transport as seen in the Link.

The device in use in this system has made a impression that has so far convinced the user, it has a attraction in use that is improved over the previous transport, and has also produced the idea, the DAC in use, might become a device that needs to be considered changing to get the very best from the TEAC.




TEAC has rightly earned its reputation for high level engineering. I suspect that this latest generation CD transport is an excellent component given the established VRDS (Sophisticated tray ) pedigree. I do admit that I really like the implementation of high quality top loading CD transports. I love the simplicity of this compared to more complex tray mechanism alternatives. I recognize that different roads lead to Rome.

I have the VRDS-701T connected to my Titans Audio Lab Cronus Pro Limited Edition 10MHZ masterclock, and the result is phenomenal. I have bought and sold the Esoteric K-01X, which has too much of its own sound even as a transport.

My digital front end is now the Titans Audio Lab Cronus Pro clock --> Titans Audio Lab Thunderbolt clock cable --> Teac VRDS-701T --> Audioquest Diamond Coaxial digital cable --> Titans Audio Lab Helen --> Audioquest Diamond Toslink cable --> Playback Designs MPD-8 Dream DAC. This is the first time in years that I found myself prefer CD playback over my Server or Streamer. I spin CD after CD with a big smile on my face like getting together with an old friend again. I haven't turned on my server or streamer for a month!

I choose the TEAC VRDS-701T mainly for its ability to work with an external masterclock, which boosts the performance of any digital front end to a totally different level. And I am not disappointed, the TEAC doesn't seem to have a voice of its own like the Esoteric. Yeah, sometimes you want your equipment to have a distinct voice, like tube rolling in your preamp to find the flavor you like. But I don't want any flavor in a transport. The TOSLINK before the Dream DAC is there to isolate all electronic noises from reaching the DAC, something Playback Designs insists and I can see their point. The digital signal from a CD transport is only 16Bit/44.1KHz so a good optical cable like the AQ Diamond handles it without audible loss, maybe I should say with audible gain. At the end of the day, CD is not a bad media, it's just not easy to get right, and when you do, it can still sound sublime.

I can only be happy to see another positive for the TEAC, where I stumble is that there seems to be $20K of ancillaries used in conjunction with it to get to the place of your positive description.

For the mere mortals can’t a stripped back supporting ancillary  be used and reported on?