TakeT Purebat Supertweeters

A fellow audio pal added the TakeT Batpure super tweeters to his Buchhardt S400 SE speakers and was very impressed with the enhancement to the SQ of his excellent speakers with their addition.  I am always up for a modestly-priced tweak and spent the $50 to get them for my Spatial Audio M4TM speakers.  Installation of them is simple, just affix them to the top front of the speakers and wire them directly to the speaker terminals.  I wired them with 20 ga. Dueland wire.  

I conclude that they really do something to make the sound more vivid and particularly more expansive in presentation.  The difference is more than subtle with my speakers.  Evidently, there is musical information in the region of 20KH to 150KH that enhances the perception of one's speakers.  I am sure impressed with them, no question.  

Here are three links to their website if you are interested in learning about them.   I'd be keen to hear from other who have tried them with their speakers.  




Apparently, TakeT makes other models of their basic supertweeters...https://www.atelier13-usa.com/taket-supertweeters

Below is a review of one of those supertweeters with some interesting observations as to what may be happening (frequency response to 150khz)!!!

"Why does such a low level SPL give the change of sound quality? This is explained as due to the BATPro2 performance characteristic. Sound is produced immediately and fluctuates instantly. Such micro starting parts of a sound is missing in ordinary speakers because diaphragms can't physically move in this way due to inertial mass and flexing. Further, a supersonic wave over 20kHz delivers the reality of the sound.

For accuracy of music reproduction, it is better to differentiate between the steep element which exists only in the starting point of a sound and the high frequency element which can be detected as a wave. The steep element of the starting point is not cut and remains, even though sound over 20kHz is not recorded on a standard CD. Mr Takei, the engineer and principal at Taket, thinks this steep starting element of sound contributes to make the fine sound, the wide soundstage, and the realism of reproduced music. Taket designed products might change the sound only a small amount, but it is the very important part of the sound needed to feel music reality which is missing in ordinary speakers, headphones and other efforts at audio improvement."

Here is a link to the actual review....  http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/simple_diy_speakers2_e.html

All of this reminds me of what I experience with the RAAL tweeters.  RAAL notes on their website that their ribbons have frequency response to 100khz...and they use words like..." the best quality of HF region, and real, breathing, micro and macro dynamics gives a totally new sense of what the musician(s) wanted to say".

And finally...maybe this is why Spatial Audio is now using the ESS AMT in their top of the line speakers....and why some people really like the better speaker offerings that incorporate ribbons or amt's in their design???