systemdek, sumiko arm, ??? cartridge

I have a systemdek IIx table with some arm with "Profile" in white letters on it. The arm is straight and I think it is a Sumiko; any information appreciated on if I am correct (or if not) and how to set it up.

Also, there is a cartridge with "bx150e" printed in white letters. The housing is shiny black plastic but I cannot find any MFR name. It does not appear that the stylus can be removed but I am not 100% certain.

Any input is appreciated.
The Profile arm is the one that came fitted to the TT. It was a package system. The arm is from Japan, and may be a Sumiko. I don't know what the cartridge is.

The first thing you should do is either inspect the cartridge or replace it. A Goldring cartridge would be a good match at a reasonable price.

Get a cartridge alignment tool at and make sure that you align the cart properly.

Balance the tonearm with the cartridge installed, and then apply the tracking force and anti-skate as suggested by the cartridge mfr.

I am assuming that the TT works alright, and the belt and motor are keeping speed.
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Can this Sumiko arm be removed and a rb300 installed with no modification? It looks like the same size mounting cylinder. The cartridge on it is a moving coil, high output; model number bk150e (shiny black plastic). We took a look at it under a magnifying glass and it is only about 25% worn.

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I have an Audio Note ARM2 (new, rb300 with AN silver wire) with a nice Madrigal Carnegie cartridge mounted (very low hours). My common sense tells me to sell the arm and the systemdek and just use my very decent old sansui sr 838 and pocket the change. I am reconsidering putting any more money into the systemdek as I am not too wild about the touchy three point suspension.

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Well, a local retailer had (has?) a Planar 25/rb600 for 800; that is probably what I should have done. The sansui works fine so far; nice cartridge on it (audio technica dr500lc). For 200 landed w/cartridge it is very nice.

As for my Systemdek; it is in the shop being checked out and shall return sometime in the next week Gods willing. I'll play with it; probably I shall wish to sell it, run the Sansui until the cartridge requires replacement, and then reconsider my options. Nothing but time and few things are getting more expensive in the used market.

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