Synergistic Research UEF Performance Enhancer - Ethernet Filter

I was wondering if anyone has tried the new (and expensive) Synergistic Research UEF Performance Enhancer - Ethernet Filter.  I find that some SR products such as their cable line are nicely effective while others..........well, maybe no so much.  According to SR these things run $300 each and plug into unused ethernet ports to "filter" ethernet signals.  Please weigh in here so I can ascertain whether they are worth a try.  Thank you.


Since SR allows for free trial the value of "worth it?" is ZERO.

I’m not a SR fan but at least they honorably allow you to convince yourself.

Unless you really need someone else to do it for you.

Hello:  Just trying to determine whether they are even worth the time and return shipping to try them.  Thanks.

I just received a couple of them.

So far (1-2 hours) they seem to add more bass and a more textured soundstage. Not sure if they take time to develop further.


I received two of these this week. I have a pair of SOtM sNH-10G switches upgraded by Stephen at Audio Sensibility and a MUTEC REF 10 SE120 clock.
I am amazed at how these take my system to the next level. 
For my system and music, these were a bargain tweak. Especially with December’s sale on the second UEF Enhancer. 
I would highly advise trying them. Especially with the trial offer. 

I did try them; in the end, I honestly couldn’t tell a difference. They were sent back for a refund.

But everyone's systems are different, I guess you never know until you try them.