Synergistic Research HFT passive devices review

I have a Plinius 8200 Mk II integrated amp, SOTA Sapphire TT, a modified Oppo 103 CD player, and Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature Series speakers in a well-treated room. I got two sets of HFT "dots" and placed them on the walls as instructed. I was keen to hear the sonic improvement that the several reviewers have heard and widely reported on, but it was not the case in my room. My system sounded great before the trial, but the sound was not in any way I could perceive enhanced with the employment of the 10 dots. Why they would improve the sound is a mystery and indeed they did nothing to improve the sound of my already fine sounding system. Your experience may vary. Perhaps they are worth a try in your system with the 30-day money-back assurance from The Cable Company. The little dots had the same effect as a couple of Shakti Blocks on my electronics... zero, zip, nada. Caveat emptor.
I started out with a set of five & I noticed improved detail and a higher soundstage. The one negative was that I noticed some inner ear pressure with some songs. The second set eliminated that pressure & gave me a more spacious sound. I installed an additional 5 following the instructions with the FEQ and the sound quality was kicked up another notch. My audiophile friends noticed the improvement as well. My room is fairly well damped with wall to wall carpeting, drapes and 1 inch thick Tectum panels with 6 inches of open batt fiberglass behind them on the back wall and half the ceiling so I was surprised to hear the difference. Both demonstrations I saw were in sonically live rooms but the system worked in my room and was worth the expense.