Synergistic Powercell 12UEF SE a worthy upgrade?

I’m considering purchasing a Powercell 12UEF to replace both the Core Power Technologies Equicore 1800 MK3 and Deep Core 1800. I own many Synergistic items including all my cables, the Transporter Ultra SE which powers the active shielding in the cables and their HFTs.  I assume the Powercell is a step up from the Core Power components and wondering if anyone has tried both. 



I also have both a Core Power Technologies Equicore 1800 MK3 and Deep Core 1800 and have wondered the same thing.  Please let me know your results if you try a higher end power conditioner.



Since I haven’t received any comments, let me rephrase my question. Can anyone recommend or have opinions concerning the Powercell 12?

I am happy with mine.  Consider the following changes, made over the years, if interested…

Use good vibration control underneath.  Cleaning the glass periodically can change the sound.  Use a good contact enhancer on the plugs going to the back of the unit and on the main plug of the cord going to the wall.  Use an upgraded duplex and cover plate.  A PURON is beneficial when placed near the main power cord on the back of the unit.  And a PURON in the unused outlet at the wall.

@sgordon1 Thanks for your response. I’m curious why you would need a Puron? It sounds like the Powercell isn’t doing its job if it requires an additional line conditioner.

The Synergistic power components make significant improvements on sound.

The PowerCells get better and better.  Easy to tell that the next model now beats the last model, but any model would be a nice upgrade I am sure depending on listening skills.  The power cables are the first thing to consider depending on how much your budget is.   Synergistic Research power component make music and sound better, more natural in rhythm, timbre, and sound stage.   They know what they are doing.  Ignore (if you can) the ignorant complainer on Audiogon that dis SR.   You'll be glad with any of their power products.  The more you spend, the better the sound.  Start with a Purple Duplex and a used power cable.  The Powercell 12UEF is outstanding and comes with a great cable too.  The Purple duplex will for a low cost make a significant boost in fidelity.