Symposium Ultra vs SRA

Anyone ever compare a Symposium Ultra shelf to a SRA VR series shelf?

I own a Ultra shelf and love it. Considering a 2nd one or maybe a SRA...Thanks
Symposium: Set-n-forget.

SRA: Can only be ideally used with the specfied component. If the item is sold, you lose yur investment.
Silent Running Audio Inc has come up with a new process which allows for most SRA products to be reconfigured, should a component change. This allows the audio enthusiasts to reap the highest isolation potential (which can truly only be maximized using a component specific build design), while being as future proof as custom can be! SRA, set & you’ll never ever forget.
I own the SRA Ohio Class XL+ platforms and have heard the VR bases. As noted above, SRA is addressing their product's biggest shortcoming, which is their lack of universiality. Then again, their dedicated-unit approach is also their biggest strength, and what separates them from even the best of the competition. I've also owned a number of Symposium products over the years, and while they're pretty good, IMO they're not in the same league as the SRA stuff. While not cheap, now that the company is going to offer customers a convenient way to upgrade, it's a no-brainer to try SRA gear if you're shopping in that price range. It's FAR AND AWAY the best isolation equipment I've ever tried. Nothing against Symposium, but in my experience, SRA is the best of the best. It's taken my system to a level I would've never thought possible without it.
As a follow-up to my previous post, I checked the price of Symposium bases, and they range in price from $600 to $2,000. The SRA VR 3.0, which is custom made for the particular component it's supporting, runs $475 to $675. That's a considerable gap in price, one that I don't think is justified by the performance of the two products. In my experience, SRA products are without peer--even including the Symposium--and the VR bases are the company's biggest bang for the buck. And for $2,000, you can get the Ohio Class XL+ bases, which blow away anything I've heard.
FYI - for some reason, I got a very nice improvement switching the aluminum coupling blocks that come with the Ultra to Mytle wood blocks distributed by Ayre. I had my reservations, but at only $15 for three, it was worth the try. They came highly recommended by Audio Alternatives in Atlanta. I use the Ultras under my monoblocks, and Aurios Pro bearings under everthing else
I have an half sized Ultra for use under the CDT power supply. I'm going to try it with Nordost Pulsar Points.
Go to the shows and see what rooms you like are using. At the New York show this year, the two best rooms I found both used SRA with very differenct equipment. I bought a set for my EMM front end (transport and dac) and it really made a big difference. I was using Bright Star before and this was a big step up. I have never used Symposium.
I have both and personally prefer the symposium Ultra's as deep bass and extended highs and more dynamic in my system plus not as bulky so better looking IMO
I’ve used both under my amps (Audiomat Tempo and MC-252) and very much prefer the Symposium.