Sunfire vs. Definitive Technology subwoofers

Anybody could compare the Sunfire True Subwoofer EQ Signature vs. the Definitive Technology SuperCube Reference.
I want to buy a subwoofer for a two channel system to add deep bass.
I will apreciate your suggest.
I have owned the previous version of the Sunfire True Signature, and it was a woderful sub. Also, I have heard the DefTech before, I don't think it is in the same league, my opinion, as the Sunfire as far as depth, speed, or flexbility. It does look a lot better though.

If you are looking for a 2 channel system sub though, I would have 2 suggestion: 1) Vandersteen 2wq, it is built for music not video or hybrid, read the forums, it is not expensive and a great piece of equipment, 2) Velodyne DD- 10, 12, 15 depending on size. These are great subs, they go very, very deep and the programming flexibility is unbelieveable.
I preferred (and own) t he Sunfire Architectural 10" front firing sub. Fast, tight, prodigious bass and small. Not mentioned enough on the 'gon, but a real sleeper of a quality sub at a reasonable price.
I have owned the Sunfire True Subwoofer MKIV, True Subwoofer Signature, and True Subwoofer EQ Solitare as well as the Definitive Technology SuperCube Version I and Version II. I currently have the Definitive Technology SuperCube Reference in my system.

The two best of those listed, in my opinion and as you probably expect, are the Sunfire True Subwoofer Signature and the Definitive Technology SuperCube Reference. I prefer the SuperCube Reference because in my system it is more musical than the Sunfire. They are both serious bass beasts. The Sunfire acually had more output, but it was not as able to delineate bass notes as well as the SuperCube Reference. I find that the Definitive Tech SuperCubes in general are more musical than the comprable Sunfires.

You will not go wrong with either subwoofer. I tried other "audiophile" subwoofers in my system from REL and Velodyne and find that I prefer the more high output, compact subwoofer variety in my music system.

Good Luck.
Drewfidelity, you're comparing the "True" which is a home theatre sub. The Architectural series are design for 2 channel. Much more musical. In fact, better in every way for 2 channel. I preferred them, because of their musicality, over many more expensive subs, including the Velodyne, etc.
Warrenh, actually the True Subwoofer Solitare EQ subwoofer that I had in my system is the new version of the Sunfire Architectural series, that is one active woofer without the passive radiators that the non-archetectural Sunfire subwoofers possess, which you believe is designed for 2 channel. This new series includes a microphone that attaches to the subwoofer and allows for room correction after a series of testtones are put forth from internal software of the Sunfire.

This was, by far, the worst sounding subwoofer of those that I have had in my system. Nowhere near as detailed as either the Mark IV or Signature that I had previously owned. I returned it to the dealer after five days and purchased his leftover Mark IV, my second of these subwoofers.

If you like what you have now you will absolutely be blown away by the Definitive Technology SuperCube Reference. Just take the time to level match with your primary speakers and keep the crossover point as low you can while covering the entire audio spectrum.
Both great bang for the buck. Excellent reviews for both companies. The VMPS line has garnered rave reviews for their bass since the 80's. No servos, just high quality, low distortion and well controlled bass. HSU also makes very nice subs for the money. Go to and you can also find user reviews for these subs. Cheers