Suggestions for adjustable gain CD player

I am looking for a relatively high quality CD player with adjustable gain, and I have been looking at the Wadia 302 player for one example. I do not need a unit with a volume control since I will be using it with a preamp. I currently have an Ayre CX7e player, which has an output level that is too hot for my system, otherwise I would keep it. I have tried Rothwell attenuators and did not like what they did for the sound quality. I am interested in players in the $2,000 to $3,000 price range, and do not need multi-format or DVD. Any further suggestions would be appreciated.
I looked at your system and noted that you like symplicity. Since I have many sources I can appreciate that. FWIW, I bought one of those 302's and while it was fine going thru my pre-amp with all the other stuff, I connected it to a tube amp direct - the end result was so rewarding that I'm presently using two independent systems. The original one with all the stuff, and a second one with just the Wadia and tube amp. And guess which gets the most play, and thats as simple as it gets. CDP/AMP. Cost a second set of cables and of course a synergistic amp. :-) FWIW.
Thanks Newbee for the thoughts. My system has changed and is not finalized, so I have not yet posted the changes. I do like to keep the system simple, and I still have the Aerial 9's and DNA 500, but I sold the Muse gear. I currently have the Ayre source and have been trying several tube preamps including the VTL 5.5 and an Atma-Sphere MP-3 (both nice). I want to stay with an all balanced system and I am considering getting back into vinyl so I will probably keep the MP-3. Therefore, the player will go through a preamp. The Ayre player ran hot through the MP-3, so that I could only use one or two clicks before the volume was getting quite loud. That is why I am interested in the Wadia players that allow you to adjust from 0.5 to 2.0 V output. Do you know of any others?

I suggest you keep your Ayre and spent $1,000 on a Placette RVC to go between your Ayre and Amps.

Placette is pretty much the best volume control on the planet and would far exceed anything you're going to get from a variable output from any source unit.

With the Placette, you also get remote volume control! I'm not sure life gets much better than that...Happy Listening
Your Ayre is a good product, as many have noted. Its preamp stage is good ASAI can tell.
So, my suggestion is, keep the Ayre for now and consider a ladder volume control (like a placette, above) or a transformer volume control (like Bent? I think).
Later you can bypass the Ayre's attenuation altogether. These "passive" control units also offer switching capability so you can accommodate other sources (phono, etc).
I have used the Wadia 302's back panel gain control to better align its output between my player and my preamp. In my case, I actually bumped the gain up to its max (the opposite of your situation). The Wadia 302 affords you three levels of gain adjustment. BTW, the Wadia 302 produces an excellent sound...although I know that the Ayre is good too. Good luck, Jim
Thanks Jppenn, I was hoping to hear from some 302 owners. I do not mind a lateral move, but do not want to take a step down from the Ayre. Gregm, you must be mistaking the model Ayre I own, the CX-7e does not have any form of preamp or attenuation, although it is a good unit. I am not looking for any form of a volume control, but simply a unit where I can adjust (reduce) gain for system matching (e.g., set it an forget it). I contacted Ayre, but they said even if I send it in to them, they cannot modify the CX-7e to reduce gain.
Mitch2, If at all possible try to listen to the 302 in your system. I love mine. Any piece of equipment is certainly relative to the individual system and what the Wadia sounds like in mine may, of course, be different in yours. However, in my experience, if the 302 does have a sonic "signature" it is a silky smoothness with no hint of digital...great bass and sweet highs.