Sugden IA-4

I am running Devore 0/93 speakers which are massively forgiving and looking for a Solid State Integrated as a backup amp for a Push-Pull 300B integrated (coming soon).
I listen in a small room so power is a non-issue, but I do like good attack on bass, rich midsized, and a smooth, non-etched sound. My DAC helps in this regard: Lampizator Atlantic TRP with KT66 tubes.
My current integrated is tube-based (Linear Tube Audio Z10 integrated). I am presently considering the Sugden IA-4. Does anyone have any experience with this Sugden?
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Really interesting read and now I feel as I move towards my final set up I should consider the Sugden IA-4 as an alternative to a Radford Revival STA25 which will feed a pair of Tannoy HPD 15s in GRF narrow cabinets ultimately but in the meantime a pair of Klipsch Quartets 

I appreciate that this is an older post, but since there's Sugden IA4's integrated amplifier doesn't get a ton of press, I thought I'd offer my own impressions.


I've finally had the chance to audition a Sugden IA4 in my own home.   Currently it's driving my Devore Super 9's.  I've had the chance to also hear Accuphase's E280 through the same speakers in the same system as well as the Leben 600.   In my own personal opinion, the Devore Super 9's love solid-state amplification and both the Sugden IA4 and the Accuphase E280 are better matches to these speakers than the venerable (& great sounding too) Leben.   

In comparing the Sugden IA4 with the Accuphase E280, both have exceptional sound, fantastic soundstage, and great grip of the speakers, esp on the low end.   To my ears, the Sugden presents the music with a bit more dynamics and a bit more life in comparison with the Accuphase which sounds a bit more controlled/reserved.   The Accuphase has tons of features which I love (ability to engage tone control, ability to add DAC cards, far superior remote control & remote control functionality), however, when it comes to SOUND and SOUND ALONE, my ears and my heart are drawn to the Sugden IA4.    I feel the Sugden is just incredibly dynamic....I'm enjoying records that sound the best I've recalled them sounding when driven by the Sugden IA4.   


There are some downsides - the volume control is limited (it goes from whisper to roar quickly - those that have experienced Sugden know...).   The remote is an absolute piece of crap - volume control only.


However, I'm leaning towards buying the Sugden - Why?   Well - it has a sound that simply is magical with my Devore Super 9s....fantastic synergy, fantastically musical, fantastically dynamic.    I hope those that are considering will find this useful!