Streaming to television from my moden

I have a situation where I have a TV without wi-fi but does have an HDMI input.

I am looking for suggestions and reviews for a system that can do this.A friend of mine tried Chromcast and sent it back.
If you have a wi-fi connection to the internet available, you can use Roku and then go HDMI out of the Roku to the TV. Roku remote I believe operates on Rf so you have a lot of flexibility on where you put the (little) box.
I have TV with antenna on the roof. I just bought Tivo Roamio OTA with lifetime subscription for $300 (Amazon). It connect wirelessly to my router and allows to stream movies and play music, not to mention that it is fantastic DVR.
Yes, I hear Roku has really good reviews. The OTA option is not good as in this Condo the roof is still twelve floors above me.

It is not practical to run a second hard wire from my DVR to this TV in a far bedroom.

While I can rent yet another DVR from the cable company, this is a seldom used room where someone would probably use Netflix most often.

Thanks for the feedback. Anyone else?
The Apple TV has recently added some apps that stream some broadcast content without having to log in.

At least ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox all have apps.

I have an older model, but the just released new model might be even better 😃😄