Streaming Preamp

I have been upgrading my bedroom system which started out with just the Cary AiOS and a pair of SCM 7's.
Looking for a streaming preamp and the three I am considering are:
AVM Ovation SD5.2
Musical Fidelity m6 Encore Connect
Cambridge Edge NQ
I am unable to hear each in my system and just looking for some general info from "sound" to functionality. Also, any other recommendations.
Cary AiOS as pre 
Parasound A21
ATC SCM 19's (sound anchor stands)
SVS subs
Morrow cables
Shunyata PS8

Thanks for the response.
However, both units you suggest are too much money. I was in the market of 4-7k.
Get a new latest version of Linn Akurate DS/DSM with Katalyst DAC architecture. It retails for between $10k to $15k. It is a digital streamer/DAC with preamp built-in. The DSM has analog audio inputs, HDMI, Ethernet, spdif (coax digital), optical digital. The DS only has an Ethernet input. Both DS & DSM volume controls can be set to either fixed thus using it strictly as a digital streamer/DAC or a source component or variables thus using it as a streamer/DAC/preamp. Very musical sounding unit.

Or if you can swing it for the latest version of Linn Klimax DS/DSM with Katalyst DAC architecture, which is Linn's flagship unit. Retails for $30k. Highly musical sounding streamer/DAC. 
Fyi, Linn does not make standalone analog preamps anymore. 

Are you looking just for a preamp or an integrated amp with built-in streamer/DAC?