Streamer/DAC and LCD TV

I have my Bluesound Node 2 on a small stand adjacent to the armoire where we have our LCD TV. Its using the home WiFi to get its signal. I’m also using an external DAC/LPS combo (using digital output from Node 2) which sits on a shelf in the armoire right below the TV. Its not an HT set up and the placement of these components is just for convenience. Sometimes we have the TV on with the sound on mute and I can’t really tell if its affecting the sound quality of the music being streamed through Node 2. However, on two separate occasions when I unmuted the sound on the TV from the remote, the streamer stopped playing and I had to press the play again on my phone application to continue playing.

So my question is, does the TV and/or the TV remote control somehow interfere with the home WiFi or interfering with the streamer unit or the external DAC or these events were just coincidental. I know a lot of folks have HT set ups with the equipment rack near their TVs but they probably use DVD programming or TV movies, etc., and may not be streaming music using WiFi.

Just wondering if there’s a technical explanation for the LCD TV or the remote control generating some radiation affecting the streamer. And more importantly, could this negatively affect the sound quality of the musical content. Thanks.

I have found the Bluesound app to be a bit fussy at times. Just today, I had to reconfigure my wireless connection for a Node that I haven't used in a while.
Have you upgraded to the latest version? I just had one today.
Probably the best people to ask are Bluesound. I have contacted them via telephone and have gotten incredible service.


Thank you. I was asking this question more broadly just to hear if an LCD TV in general could interfere with the WiFi signal coming into a streaming device or generate any sort of undesirable noise affecting the audio gear if they are placed in close proximity. I know the old CRT TV sets put out a lot of noise not sure if LCD units are clean in that sense. For example , some speakers supposedly had to be shielded if used for HT applications, not sure if that’s any longer true.

I do agree, the Bluesound does have great customer service.

Sorry, I drifted the conversation unintentionally. What I meant...
I rather doubt the LCD TV would interfere with the Wifi. Considering the hiccups I have experienced, I would put it down to the Bluesound app.