Stockfisch Records & audiophile music labels

I recently discovered (recommendation of a friend) Stockfisch Records:

Excellent recording quality! I was familiar with Allan Taylor and Sara K., and always admired the quality of their recordings, but little did I know that it's (mostly) because they were produced by Stockfisch. At least some of their albums.

Anyone else familiar with this label? Give it shot.

My question: are there other audiophile labels out there? with good recordings? I am familiar with some, but unfortunately I am not into jazz or classical 
Stockfisch Records offerings are expertly recorded and mastered!  Linn has great sounding offerings though many are jazz or classical. Stockfisch is for lack of a better term, a "contemporary folk"label.  It is a bit tough to find lots of labels focusing on that genre. 

If you don't already have them get Eva Cassidy's "Songbird" album and her 2 CD set called "Nightbird". If you can find a better female vocalist than her then please enlighten me.  BTW...her albums are extremely well recorded. 
Thanks for chiming in @hifiman5  !

Yes, I am very familiar with Eva Cassidy. All her albums. Such a sad story.

I am open to any kind of music. Just not jazz or classical :-)
The issue is I no longer have any CD player. Or SACD player. So it’s either have to be a music file streaming via Roon. Or Qobuz and Tidal