Stealth "Varidig" rca cable is it worth buying?

I recently had a fellow audio enthusiast bring by a "Nirvana " transmission digital cable .We put it in my system replacing a Acoustic Zen ecmz2 and i was floored by the difference in low level retrieval and mid bass response,airy and the soundstage was better by a lot.

Then he told me that the Varidig was even better-not the Sextet but Stealth's standard digital cable.The $850 price
on this cable is steep but if it can be better than the Nirvana @ $650 it will get my wallet open.

Anybody have this cable that can give some input?

Just glancing over your system, if you listen to a lot of CDs, it would be worth your time to get a used "Varidig Sextet".
I had the original Varidig. Brought my system to life - will never forget, I got it off the Gon and plugged it in - a few days later, holy mole - WOW is all I can say.

Never did hear the Sextet
Recently sold my Varidig-Sextet. The best sounding digital IC I have had. But then came the Acoustic System Liveline......... !!!!!!!!! Retail is about $ 475 ?? In Europe it is € 350 and it's a giant killer !!
You might well take "Williamredburry"'s advice and try the Acoustic System Liveline. The Sextet is the best I've heard. He's compared the two, and there's been a bit written on 6Moons about Franck's new cables, all very positive.